The Federal Pell program provides assistance in the form of a grant to matriculated undergraduate students who have not earned a prior undergraduate degree. The assistance provided does not require repayment.

Pell eligibility is determined by the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculated from the information provided on the FAFSA. The 2021-2022 maximum award is $6,495 for full-time enrollment for two semesters. The amount of the Pell Grant may be prorated based on a student’s enrollment status. Students may not receive Pell Grant funds from more than one school at a time.

Under the Year-Round Pell program, students may be eligible to receive up to 150 percent of their scheduled award for an award year or receive an additional Pell grant in the summer term.

All students are limited to receive Pell for a maximum equivalent of twelve full-time semesters or six years, inclusive of any prior years. See the Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility limits.

Students who are Pell eligible and anticipating a Title IV based credit balance (Title IV funds include Pell, Unsubsidized Loan, Subsidized Loan and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant/FSEOG) may make arrangements with the Office of Student Accounts for a credit towards the purchase of books; see our Book Advance policy.


SEOG supplements Pell Grant aid for undergraduate students with exceptional financial needs. Pell Grant recipients whose expected family contribution calculation equals zero are considered first for an SEOG. Like the Pell Grant, SEOG does not have to be repaid.

Students may receive up to $1,000 a year depending on when they apply, their financial need and available funding.


In New York, the Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) administers a number of state and federally funded financial aid programs for undergraduate students. Most require that recipients of aid be legal residents of New York State. Some programs are administered solely by HESC; others are administered jointly with other agencies.

These programs may require some application information in addition to the FAFSA. The chart for New York State grants, scholarships and awards is available on the HESC website.


Undergraduate New York State (NYS) residents who want to be considered for a state grant, must complete a TAP Application using school code 0955.

New York's largest grant program helps eligible state residents pay for tuition at in-state post-secondary institutions. Eligibility and the amount of TAP grants are based on the New York State taxable income of the student and the student's family.

Estimated TAP Grant

If a student has an estimated TAP grant on their student account, action is required on the part of the student and they may be required to:

  1. Complete the Express TAP Application (ETA) at hesc.ny.gov.

  2. Respond to a request for additional information from HESC regarding their application. For questions, contact HESC at (888) NYS-HESC.

  3. Change the college code to 0955 (SUNY Maritime) at hesc.ny.gov.

TAP Payment Eligibility

Each semester at least 12 course credits will be contributed toward a student’s program of study to meet the TAP Academic Standards  such as:

  • Completing a specific number of credits in the previous semester.

  • Accumulating a specific number of credits towards your degree.

  • Maintaining a specific minimum GPA (Grade Point Average).

  • Declaring a major by the time 60 credits are completed. (If repeating a course in order to earn the “C” required for a major, students must declare a major even if they have not yet completed 60 credits.)

TAP Waivers

Students may be granted a one-time waiver to receive a TAP payment, regardless of them not meeting the academic requirements. To qualify:

  • Students must be able to document (submit documentation indicating?) there were "circumstances beyond their control" that resulted in a semester with poor academic performance.

  • Waivers are granted with the strong expectation that a student will meet all academic requirements in the future.  

  • For questions regarding the appeal process to request a waiver, please contact a Financial Aid Office representative.

SUNY Tuition Credit

TAP eligible students may also receive a SUNY Tuition Credit award to offset tuition charges. This award is calculated by HESC and based on the level of a student's TAP award.


The Senator Jose Peralta New York State Dream Act allows undocumented and other eligible students to apply for New York State administered grants that support higher education costs. 

Application Process
  1. Inform Admissions Office of intent to apply for in-state tuition and NYS aid under the Dream Act and submit original high school equivalency diploma (GED) with score sheet or original High School Diploma AND original High School transcript.

  2. Submit the 2021-2022 NYS Dream Act Application online at www.hesc.ny.gov/dream.

  3. As part of the NYS aid certification process, applicants will be contacted by the Financial Aid office to complete an affidavit that must be notarized stating that the applicant has applied to legalize their status.

  4. Once the affidavit is returned (signed and notarized) to the Financial Aid Office, the applicant’s NYS aid will be certified.

For information concerning eligibility and the application process, please visit the Financial Aid office and/or New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) website at www.hesc.ny.gov/dream.