Hannah Mutum ‘16

Mechanical Engineering

Franklin Square, New York


Why did you pick Maritime College?

I came to Accepted Students Day and while I was taking a tour of the ship, I decided to come here. I loved the aspect of getting my Coast Guard license and shipping out over the summer on sea terms.

I knew I wanted to be an engineer. As a female, you can go really far in engineering. I knew I wanted to be from someplace that would give me hands-on experience.


What do you do outside of class?

I’ve been very involved since I got to campus. I like being busy. I’ve been a tutor since my sophomore year. I work at Admissions for 20 hours a week, I take a full course load. I’m also involved in the regiment as the logistics liaison. I do group tours for admissions, help the deputy commandant of cadets, and schedule cadets to appear at events.

I don’t like sitting in my room watching Netflix. I like being involved.


Why do you like working for Admissions?

I love representing the school. I love seeing the prospective students when they’re not sure where they want to go and then seeing them find their campus. I like being the reason some students come here.

It’s these relationships you build and that people still look up to you. One of the freshmen on my floor was in one of my tours and I still check in with him to make sure he’s doing okay.


What do you want to do after you graduate?

I think I want to go into project management. I’m looking at Turner Construction. They’re in 48 states and they’re a great company. I applied and I met the vice president of the New York office at the career fair.

Because the shipping industry isn’t so great right now, I’m looking to stay on shore. Most of the shipping companies hire in the spring, and I’d rather get a job now than wait.